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iik habanero de yucatan

We are a 100% Yucatecan company, we offer innovative handcrafted products made ​​from Yucatan chile habanero .


The recipe that gave birth to our company has been passed down through generations and today we share with you


We like to create products that its essence is the culture, and made with fresh and natural ingredients to get a taste "like homemade".


Yucatan opens the door to the land of the Mayab to discover the legendary and enigmatic Mayan culture. Located in the southeast of Mexico, on the Yucatan peninsula that bears its name, it is a magical place that will captivate you with their traditions, beautiful places, ancient customs and delicious cuisine.


In the downtown, the Paseo de Montejo, in a cenote, visiting a Mayan ruin or walking in some place, you can meet friendly people, always willing to help, to talk about everydays life and our history; People which you can feel the Mayan heritage and a very distinctive accent of the region that you will not forget.


The roots originate from the Yucatan Maya, discovers of Zero, great astronomers, the only Mesoamerican culture to develop a precise and perfect timing, a culture full of legends, prophecies and culture deities. Kukulcan " The sun god " was the main deity, which decreases during the spring equinox pyramid of Chichen Itza; Chichen Itza one of the seven wonders of the world.


Yucatan is a state to enjoy nature and history. It has beautiful beaches like Progreso, Celestun and Rio Lagartos; Caves and cenotes; Archaeological Sites like Uxmal; Their henequen haciendas that are now beautiful hotels, the Trova in St. Lucia park or Izamal, definitely an unimaginable place.


Yucatecan cuisine is a fusion of many cultures of the planet, that has allowed it to make it very unique and famous; The cochinita pibil, salbutes, panuchos, queso relleno, papadzules, relleno negro, Frijol con puerco are some main meals that will captivate you.